Land Rover Experience Hydro

land rover experience hydro mountain bike 2011 hardtail mountain bike
Land Rover Experience Hydro Mountain Bike – Stock Photo

Don´t expect this to be a technical article about the bike. You can search Google for that and will find plenty of information (or you can click here), much more than my very limited technical knowledge can cover on it or any other bike, as a matter of fact.

This is my kid’s bike, but he is starting to outgrow it. His particular is a frame 16 bike, which fitted him very well in November 2012 when we bought it, but he has grown in the 2 and a half years since.

Although I manage to occasionally bring him out of his bedroom for a bike ride, he unfortunately does not share the same enthusiasm for cycling as his father does.

Wonkingham Bikeathon 2014His previous bike was an extremely heavy 20″ wheel Raleigh mountain bike like bike. He was initially enthusiastic about his new bike, saying he was going to ride to school every day during summer time, but that didn´t last long.

My son and me after completing the 35 miles / 55 Km of the Wokingham Bikeathon in 2014.

Yet we did many 20 Km rides together and he has done the entire 35 miles or 55 Km of the 2014 Wokingham Bikeathon with me.

My son Vini during the Wokngham Bikeathon 2014
My son Vini during the Wokngham Bikeathon 2014

Even though it’s about 3/4 of the price of a Specialized Hard Rock, I can´t fault this bike and has similar specs. Comes fitted with an hydraulic disc brake system, which is not common for bikes of this price range.

It´s a nice bike from a very well-known brand for cars. Definitely one of the ways you can afford a Land Rover.


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