To Gore or not to Gore?

Aldi's Cycling Softshell Jackets

I was in an Aldi supermarket last week and saw they had Softshell Cycling Jackets for £15.99.

I was wearing my “Gore
Phanton 2.0
” Softshell jacket and was able to touch and investigate both materials.

I accept that I am not an expert on things related to clothing, but to the touch I could not feel any difference on the material.

Of course, there are significant differences in design. My Gore jacket has removable “zip-off” sleeves which are an excellent feature if the day starts cold and warms up, something that the much cheaper Aldi jacket doesn’t have.

A more reliable way to compare them would be to wear them for a few days in a few rides, but I didn’t think a post was worth the expense.

Fact is, my Gore-Tex jacket costs 6x more than Aldi’s one and everything is a matter of cost x benefit these days.

Don’t take me wrong touch, I love my Gore jacket and for those that are willing to spend more than £100 on a piece of cycling clothing I do recommend it.

Anyone with experience on Aldi’s cycling jacket, feel free to leave your comments below. They will be most welcome.

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