EyeCycled posts to resume after the pilgrimage

Hi there.

Typing this post on the small screen of a mobile phone. Not really the best way to run a blog perhaps ( wouldn”d know as this is my first and only) but not much choice right now.

I am currently in Leon having cycled 81 Km today. I am on the top bunk bed in a room with several dozen bunk beds and not even 1 power socket in sight. All part of the Camino.

I have been posting pictures to the EyeCycled Facebook page though. If you like to know of my progress, please like the page.

Just think this will be my last post for a while. When I get back to the UK I’ll work on producing a more detailed account of this trip.

I have been recording the entire trip on time-lapse photograph (my Sony action can takes 1 photo every 5 seconds) so you’ll have the benefit of watching an entire day’s of cycling in j st a few minutes.

If there are typos in this text, please excuse me in advance. Tiredness does not go well with smartphone screens.

Burn Camino!

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