Challenge Hurricane

Riding around Bracknell on a Recumbent Bike.

Right then… created this video as a request from a family member who, after watching my previous video (with the camera mounted on the bike itself) asked me if I could produce a video of me riding it.

Keeping in mind we are all amateurs here, OK. Don´t go expecting Hollywood style production. Having said that, I think my friend Gyuszi did a rather good job with the camera. Thank you Gyuszi!

Here it is Rafa!

Few comments… after seeing me from an “outside” perspective, I noticed that I appeared to be too “cramped” in the bike. Believe me, that is not how it feels at all. Nevertheless, I noticed also a few improvements I can do, which I think will make the ride even more comfortable, such as reducing the size of the steering bar and trying somehow to change the position to a less reclined one. Not sure yet if this is possible at all on this bike, but I´ve managed to gain about 3 cm in hight just by pumping more air into the suspension.

Hope it can be useful to others as well. Thanks for watching!

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