Mid-Autumn Night Ride Around Bracknell

Mid-Autumn Night Ride around Bracknell

I missed spinning class today again. It’s becoming a bad habit and bad habits need to be broken, so I decided I am going to try harder to cycle at least 2x (perhaps 3x) a week, no matter the weather.

Well, let’s make an exception for when is raining shall we?

So, it was about 6pm here and the sun had long gone. It was a really dark night today. Should I, perhaps, have chosen a more moon lit night to record the ride? I can always record it again.

Before you start watching the video, I have a few confessions to make:

  1. I lied! I am a member of a secret Ninja society (in my dreams at least).
  2. I am not, however, and never have been a thief, unless stealling female hearts count (in my dreams at least).
  3. I was a bit overdressed and when I got back home was dripping sweat. The weather has been very mild this week, but I prefer sweating a little than to feel cold… and once you’re out, you never really know what you´re going to get in this country.
  4. The sound quality of my speech at the start of the video was pretty bad, so I voiced over it in editing.
  5. This was essentially the same 21 Km route (with a few minor changes), I did with my children last weekend.

With that said, let´s go ride!

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Thank you!

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