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EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition / Prize Giveaway

EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition / T-Shirt giveaway

OK, this is a first for the blog, let’s see how this works.

When I get back home I am going to print a few “Via Francigena” (and Camino de Santiago) T-Shirts to sell through the blog, so I thought, why not get this started with giving one away to a lucky winner?

I took the 2 pictures below today at the exact same location. This isn’t a straight to Rome bike ride, so I am pretty certain this will be a 2,000+ Km bike ride. Also there is a degree of unpredictability given my undeniably dubious navigation skills.

Odometer in San Quirico d'Orcia
Odometer in San Quirico d’Orcia
184 Km to Rome according to the sign.
184 Km to Rome according to the sign.

So, here it goes… The person who guesses the closest number of how much will be in my Odometer when I get to the Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican City in a few days will be the lucky winner of a Via Francigena T-Shirt, which I will dispatch to anywhere in the world.

To participate, this is what you have to do:

  1. “Like” the EyeCycled Facebook Page (if you have not done so yet) and “Like” + “Share” this post in Facebook.
  2. Subscribe with your preferred email to the EyeCycled Blog (on the right)
  3. Write your guess (the number in Km, for example, 2,002.8 Km) as a comment in Facebook or in this Blog post (on the bottom of the post)

I am not a big Tweeter user, but you can also Re-Tweet this post and write your guess as a Tweet if you want (need to check if I can see it, though).

That’s it! All you have to do to win a Via Francigena T-Shirt (or Camino T-Shirt, if you prefer) is to follow the 3 steps above.

Competition ends when I publish the picture of the final distance (mileage) in the Saint Peter’s square in a few days (likely to be in the EyeCycled Facebook page). Any entries after the picture is posted will not be valid, as per the time stamp of the picture.

Good Luck!

Now, this may help a little… These are the places I still need to go through and I use (mostly) Google Maps as a guide.

  1. Stage 89: San-Quirico-d’Orcia to Radicofani
  2. Stage 90: Radicofani – Acquapendente
  3. Stage 91: Acquapendente – Bolsena
  4. Stage 92: Bolsena – Montefiascone
  5. Stage 93: Montefiascone – Viterbo
  6. Stage 94: Viterbo – Vetralla
  7. Stage 95: Vetralla – Capranica
  8. Stage 96: Capranica – Campagnano-di-Roma
  9. Stage 97: Campagnano-di-Roma – La-Storta
  10. Stage 98: La-Storta – Saint-Peter’s-Square

I will try to keep the table below as up-to-date as I possibly can, but a stable internet connection is not always present in a pilgrim’s life.

EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition

NAMEGUESS (in Km)SOURCE (Facebook, Blog, etc)
Fernando Zambon2008.1Facebook
Ema Satchel2020Facebook
Gyula Mester2022.22Facebook
Luiz Motta2025Facebook
Vinicius Seth2053Facebook
Sandra Laranjeira2060Facebook
Marlene Samson2067Facebook Messenger
Romualdo Ricardo Acquesta Neto2085.8Facebook
Sandra Mara Santos2346Facebook
Marcia Teles2380Facebook
Aparecida Climaco Schaefer2462Facebook
Elenita Seth2827Facebook

As with everything there are terms and conditions that apply. Please read the boring stuff below:

  • Only ONE entry per person. If you change your mind, change the comment, but let me know you changed it. If you guess more than once, the last guess I can find will be the valid one.
  • The T-Shirts DON’T exist yet! It may take a while until I have the design done and the T-Shirt printed. Your patience will be appreciated (thinking more like a month or two, rather than a few weeks)
  • I will not know who the winner is immediately. I will need to some time to go through all the posts, comments, whatever. May take a few days after I post the picture of my arrival in St Peter’s square.
  • If you win, I will notify you through your preferred social media app or through email (if I have it). Make sure I have the means to contact you. I’ll keep trying to contact the winner for 1 week. If I don’t succeed, I will try the next best guess.

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One thought on “EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition / Prize Giveaway”

  1. I have now arrived n Saint Peter’s Square and completed the Via Francigena pilgrimage. I already know the distance on my odometer 🙂
    I will reveal it tomorrow, if the place I will stay has a good internet connection, so you have 1 more day to participate.
    Keep your guesses coming.

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