Mileage at arrival in Saint Peter's Square

EyeCycled the Via Francigena competition - Preliminary result

OK folks… the suspense is over. The “mileage” on my cycling computer as I reached Saint Peter’s Square was…

2,048.2 Km

Mileage at arrival in Saint Peter's Square
Mileage at arrival in Saint Peter’s Square

I’ve also updated the table of guesses with all guesses I could find in Facebook and elsewhere. Not that many, but the post has been shared and re-shared many times, so I am finding it difficult to get all guesses. There have been 12 guesses I could find.  If you did take a guess and your name doesn’t appear in the list (to see the last 2 click next) please get in touch.

EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition

NAMEGUESS (in Km)SOURCE (Facebook, Blog, etc)
Fernando Zambon2008.1Facebook
Ema Satchel2020Facebook
Gyula Mester2022.22Facebook
Luiz Motta2025Facebook
Vinicius Seth2053Facebook
Sandra Laranjeira2060Facebook
Marlene Samson2067Facebook Messenger
Romualdo Ricardo Acquesta Neto2085.8Facebook
Sandra Mara Santos2346Facebook
Marcia Teles2380Facebook
Aparecida Climaco Schaefer2462Facebook
Elenita Seth2827Facebook

I will have a better look later, but the preliminary result indicate that the winner is…. err… my son! 🙂 … with a difference of just 4.8 Km in 2048, or just 0.23%.

I know what this will look like… Foul play, but believe me, there was none!

I did ask him to take a guess and he did so on the 26th of August. At that time not even I knew how many kilometres I would still have to cycle and to increase the unpredictability of the competition I also got lost on my way to Sutri and cycled 8 Km more than I should have, but on the other hand, in my last day I had the advantage of following my pilgrimage friend Roberto, a local Roman, on the last 72 Km from Sutri to Saint Peter’s Square, which was a big help as I would undoubtedly get lost again if I didn’t.

So for now… Well done son! I won’t need to put the T-Shirt in the post afterall 🙂

I will confirm the result once I am back in the UK and rectify any mistakes that might have been made.

Thank you all for participating in this simple competition and for your support during the journey.

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