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Mourning the death of a dear and close companion

Dear EyeCycled friends,

I am mourning the death of very dear and close companion of mine. My Dell XPS 15 Laptop  😭.
It was the tool I used to edit my cycling videos and to write my blog posts.

Unfortunately I am in a situation that prevents me to buy a replacement right now and the computer I am using to write this post is old and not powerful enough to encode even the less demanding of videos, so please forgive me in advance if you don’t hear from my in a few months. Any posts I may write in the period will lack videos or things that require more computing power.

In the mean time, I will look for alternatives, but I am not enthusiastic about the prospects as my laptop will probably need a motherboard replacement, which is almost as expensive as a brand new one itself.

I had just finished editing all the videos for day 5 of my Via Francigena pilgrimage last year and was (slowly) uploading them to YouTube (it takes almost 10 h to upload these videos with my current bandwidth). I managed to upload the 1st of the 3 videos for day 5 and had the other 2 ready for upload in my laptop’s hard drive, which I now have no access to (my laptop had a special mSATA drive as the boot drive and that is where the videos are). If I do, however… somehow, manage to access the other 2 videos I will try uploading them to YouTube and will publish the post.

I am also preparing for my upcoming cycling pilgrimage on the “Caminho da Fe” (Faith’s way) which is the Brazilian equivalent of the Caminho de Santiago. I should start next week if everything goes as planned, but I will write a separate post once everything is confirmed.

Apologies once again, but assuming you’re all used to travelling by bike you will know that “shit happens!”

R.I.P. Dell XPS 15… 🙁

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One thought on “Mourning the death of a dear and close companion”

  1. Who said there isn’t life after death? My computer has been repaired today. Wasn’t cheap, but had to be done. New stories should soon start to show it in the blog hopefully.

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