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Celebrating the 3 years of

In this video I celebrate the 3 years of

The domain was first registered on the 18th of March 2015, but the first blog post didn’t happen until the 4th of April that year. If you look through the blog’s archive you will find earlier blog posts, but that happened because I back dated the publication date to the time in which those things had actually happened and not the date I was publishing the posts.

What led me to create was a pilgrimage: The Camino de Santiago de Compostela. To me that was a significant life changing event. It was, at that point the longest bike ride I had done in life. The experience was so profound that I have not stopped ever since.

I am not sure what will become in the future. I have not drafted any plans for it, intentionally so. I wish it could become more and it could be something that not only keeps me busy, but sustains me as well. I try, however, to limit my expectations, and let it grow organically. I may not find as much time to write blog posts and edit videos as I would like to, but I’ll do my best at ensuring is here to stay.

To those that supported my work I am very thankful.

Also thankful to those I had the pleasure to ride my bicycle with or that I met throughout this time.

Regardless of your beliefs, whether you believe there is a God or not, I wish you all well and that you receive God’s blessings and live a long, prosperous, healthy and very happy life.

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No emails

If you wrote to me these past few days, I apologise in advance. I have not been able to read emails since I started the pilgimage. I was pretty sure I had configured my tablet to download the emails, but it is not happening and I have been unable to access them via wemail.
Will respond all emails upon my return to the UK next weekend.