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The Faith’s Way Index page

This is just an index page to all blog posts I’ve publish about the “Caminho da Fé”. All links open in a new tab.

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Blog Posts published BEFORE I started

  1. 13 Sep 2017: Mourning the death of a dear and close companion
  2. 15 Sep 2017: The Faith’s Way (Caminho da Fé)

Blog Posts published AFTER the pilgrimage

  1. 28 Feb 2018: Introduction and Day ZERO
  2. 28 Mar 2018: Day 1 of the Pilgrimage, covering stages 1, between Sertãozinho and Dumont, and 2, between Dumont and Cravinhos. Includes both videos.
  3. 22 Apr 2018: Day 2 of the pilgrimage, between Cravinhos and Santa Rosa de Viterbo in the state of São Paulo.
  4. 21 Jun 2018: Day 3 of the pilgrimage, between Santa Rosa de Viterbo and Casa Branca in the state of São Paulo.
  5. 05 Jun 2019: Day 4 of the pilgrimage, stages 7 and 8 (and 1/2 of 9) between Casa Branca and Mrs Cidinha Rural hostel in Vargem Grande do Sul
  6. Post will be about the 5th day of the pilgrimage. Currently working on it…
  7. Post will be about the 6th day of the pilgrimage.
  8. Post will be about the 7th day of the pilgrimage.
  9. Post will be about the 8th day of the pilgrimage.
  10. Post will be about the 9th day of the pilgrimage.
  11. Post will be about the 10th day of the pilgrimage.
  12. Post will be about the 11th day of the pilgrimage.
  13. Post will be about the 12th day of the pilgrimage.

Table with the full list of stages covered in the 12 Days of the journey.

DateDayStageVideosSectionDist. (km)Dur. (min)FromTo
18/Sept/20171.   1.              Link1.0115.85115SertãozinhoDumont
2.              Link1.0255.69389DumontCravinhos
19/Sept/20172.   3.              Link2.0132.61197CravinhosSão Simão
4.              Link2.0226.26188São SimãoSanta Rosa do Viterbo
20/Sept/20173.   5.              Link3.0130.7138Santa Rosa do ViterboTambaú
6.              Link3.0229.21178TambaúCasa Branca
21/Sept/20174.   7.              Link4.0115.61119Casa BrancaItobi
8.              Link4.0133.43269ItobiVargem Grande do Sul (Dona Cidinha)
22/Sept/20175.   9.              Link5.0113.14127Vargem Grande do Sul (Dona Cidinha)São Roque da Fartura
10.           Link5.0123.31138São Roque da FarturaÁguas da Prata
23/Sept/20176.   11.           Link6.0130.28266Águas da PrataAndradas
12.           Link6.0220.32199AndradasCachoeira da Barra (João e Joelma)
24/Sept/20177.   13.           Link7.0121.73220Cachoeira da Barra (João e Joelma)Ouro Fino
14.           Link7.028.1352Ouro FinoInconfidentes
15.           Link7.0320.66154InconfidentesBorda da Mata
25/Sept/20178.   16.           Link8.0118.30126Borda da MataTocos do Moji
26/Sept/20179.   17.           Link9.0121135Tocos do MojiEstiva
18.           Link9.0219.63193EstivaConsolação
27/Sept/201710.           19.           Link10.0119.0285ConsolaçãoParaisópolis
20.           Link10.0227,54325ParaisópolisLuminosa (Brasópolis)
28/Sept/201711.           21.           Link11.0117.8241Luminosa (Brasópolis)Campista
22.           Link11.0216.53160CampistaCampos do Jordão
29/Sept/201712.           23.           Link12.0142.85130Campos do JordãoPindamonhangaba
24.           Link12.02PindamonhangabaAparecida do Norte

If you are planning to do this pilgrimage yourself, the links below point to other online resources that may aid in your preparation.

(All links will open in a new TAB)

Public Facebook group of the Brazilian Faith's Way pilgrimage: I created this group on Facebook because I couldn't find any other English language groups on the subject. There are many other groups available, some with thousands of members, but the official language is Portuguese.  You are welcome to join us, share your experience and ask any questions you might have about this pilgrimage.


Logo Caminho da FeFriends of the Caminho da Fé Association: The "Must Go" place to plan for your pilgrimage. From there you can download the official map, the accommodation's guide and many other tips and hints on how to prepare and be successful in your pilgrimage. Page is now available in English and Spanish too.


Wikipedia page for the Caminho da Fé: Still very little written in English  here, but it may grow in the future.


Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida Official page: Only parts of the site are in English and Spanish, but they provide very interesing historical information about the Basilica.


Wikipedia page for the Basilica of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida: Historical information and many languages. This link is for the English language.


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