Vlog Posts

This is list of all Bike Vlogs (Video Logs) I have recorded in English so far. All links open in a new window / tab.

  1. 20 September 2015: Ride from Bracknell’s South Hill Park to Windsor. My first attempt. Two very, very long videos. The duration of both is > 1h. Includes a 10 min walk around Windsor Town Centre.
  2. 24 December 2015: My Christmas message to you.
  3. 21 January 2016: Ride to and from the Gym for Spinning class. Videos are about 6 and 7 min long.
  4. 28 January 2016: Birthday Vlog.
  5. 5 February 2016: Rise of the Superstar Vloggers
  6. 11 February 2016: Question about the Camino de Santiago and the London Bike Show.
  7. 18 February 2016: The one the almost didn’t happen.
  8. 26 February 2016: Music & Cycling, Devon Coast to Coast during Easter and Camino de Santiago. PiP video with 2 cameras.
  9. 4 March 2016: Devon Coast to Coast during Easter, Drone and Camino de Santiago.
  10. 14 March 2016: Not a bike Vlog, but a Vlog nevertheless, with a video about the upcoming of the Devon Coast to Coast Bike Ride.
  11. 18 March 2016: Healed from Throat infection, Devon C2C, Downshire Golf Complex, WordPress disaster and happy Easter!
  12. 1st April 2016: Devon Coast to Coast bike ride during Easter
  13. 17 April 2016: Ride to Windsor, but not in the mood for talking
  14. 10 May 2016: Via Francigena, Recumbent bike, PiP

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