EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Via Francigena

Hello!! Missed me?

Logo Via Francigena
Logo Via Francigena

It is not that I haven’t recorded a Bike Vlog every week in the past 3 weeks… I did record them! Watch the Vlog and I explain my sudden disappearance.

This Vlog was recorded 2 weeks ago (Friday, the 29th of April), but I had some personal issues and had no time to work on the video editing.

Via Francigena Map
Via Francigena Map

So, I hope you can forgive me for not showing up in the past few weeks, as I will assume that if you are here is because you like to watch this old man talking (my children were actually relieved as they think I am making a fool of myself 🙂 )

Click here for the Via Francigena event on the EyeCycled Facebook Page.

Thanks for watching!

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