EyeCycled not gone! Sunny Sunday ride...

IMG_20181118_121220I can’t blame you if you think EyeCycled is gone for good. I have not posted anything in ages 🙁

This is NOT an excuse… I don’t need to find excuses, I admit I have neglected EyeCycled. My justification is simply that I can’t find it in myself right now to spend the time EyeCycled demands to keep it going .

Relive ‘Twickenham, Teddington, Bushy Park, Hampton Court, Kingston’

I continue to cycle and the bicycle is still one of the most important things in my life. At least 3 times a week I cycle to work and back (that is 20 miles / 33 Km each day) and once a week I drive 90% of the way and cycle the remaining 10% with my newly acquired Dahon folding bike. The problem is when I get home, especially on the days I ride 10 miles back, it is so late and I am so full of having spent all day in front of a computer screen that I simply cannot find in myself to spend and entire evening editing videos and writing blog posts. As I said, this is not an excuse, but I am just living this moment of my life right now.

I still have plans for EyeCycled and I do work occasionally on EyeCycled stuff. I am still working on videos from my Faith’s Way IMG_20181118_140330(Caminho da Fé) pilgrimage in Brazil last years and started a post on a bike ride I did in Little London (Londrina, Brazil) last year also. It is not that I completely stopped doing something. I am just doing it very slowly (very!).

IMG_20181118_143036Today was a special day and I want to share it with you, so you know I am not lying.  I rode with my youngest son and his Godfather from Twickenham to Teddington, where we met the rest of the family for brunch at a Polish Café and after that we rode to Bushy Park to see the deer and to Hampton Court Palace for a few pictures of this landmark and from the Thames. From there we rode to Kingston Upon Thames, did a little coffee / hot choc stop at the YMCA Hawker by the river and then back to where we started through the Teddington Locks. Those familiar with London will know or have heard of these places.

IMG_20181118_144220At almost 18 Km, it was my youngest son biggest bike and despite the fact he took a tumble at the Thames path (nothing serious, just distraction) he said he really enjoyed the ride. I am so proud of him…

IMG_20181118_161139Anyway, this is where this short post stops. I’ll leave you with the pictures and a few videos I recorded along the way and please, be patient with me. EyeCycled is not dead! 🙂

Thank you for your support!

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