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Me riding and talking

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Via Francigena

Hello!! Missed me?

Logo Via Francigena
Logo Via Francigena

It is not that I haven’t recorded a Bike Vlog every week in the past 3 weeks… I did record them! Watch the Vlog and I explain my sudden disappearance.

This Vlog was recorded 2 weeks ago (Friday, the 29th of April), but I had some personal issues and had no time to work on the video editing.

Via Francigena Map
Via Francigena Map

So, I hope you can forgive me for not showing up in the past few weeks, as I will assume that if you are here is because you like to watch this old man talking (my children were actually relieved as they think I am making a fool of myself 🙂 )

Click here for the Via Francigena event on the EyeCycled Facebook Page.

Thanks for watching!

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Ride to Windsor, but not in the mood for talking

I left home today with the intention of recording a bike Vlog to talk about my Via Francigena project, but I decided not to. Wasn’t really in the mood for talking today, but I thought would be nice to post some moments of the ride to Windsor. When I arrived in Windsor there was a Salvation Army parade coming in the other direction and I thought that could be interesting to show you.

Sorry, for not talking much, but I hope you can appreciate the effort. There are good days and there are bad days in life… 🙂

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Devon Coast to Coast bike ride during Easter

This was my first bike ride of the week after returning from Devon where I completed the Devon Coast to Coast bike ride on the National Cycle Route 27.

I will be publishing posts about that ride here, but you can hear about some of my experiences on this Vlog.

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Thank you for your time!

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Healed from Throat infection, Devon C2C, Downshire Golf Complex, WordPress disaster and happy Easter!

Published Friday, but recorded Thursday, as usual, just before lunch time. Just didn’t have time to do the editing last night.

There won’t be a Bike Vlog next week as I’ll be travelling to Devon. If everything goes well, I’ll resume them after Easter.

Wish you and your family a Happy and Peaceful Easter time.

"NOT" a Bike Vlog, but a Vlog nevertheless

I was as sick as a dog this week, but I didn’t want to let it end like that. It could give the impression I don’t care and I do. So I hope you appreciate the effort and be kind in your judgement. Learning as I go… 🙂

The full EOS Video is here. To the content owners of the video, if you are not happy with me sharing it this way, please let me know and I’ll be happy to remove it from this Vlog. I am hoping you won’t mind though 🙂

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Devon Coast to Coast during Easter, Drone and Camino de Santiago

Even though I record these on Thursdays, by the time I published them in YouTube is already Friday, so perhaps I should start calling them the Friday Bike Vlogs 🙂

In this Vlog…

  1. The Devon Coast to Coast ride during Easter with my friends Fernando and Eduardo.
  2. Drone watching
  3. Post about the 14th day of my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

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‘Til next week… if it doesn’t rain 🙂

EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Music & Cycling, Devon Coast to Coast during Easter and Caminho de Santiago

Although this Vlog was recorded Thursday morning as I was putting it together in the evening my video editing software decided to keep crashing (I suspect it was the sync between the 2 cameras that for some reason was causing a problem this time). That made me waste a lot of precious time, hence the Vlog has only been uploaded in the early hours of Friday. Being a Vlogger is harder than I thought 🙂

In today’s Vlog…

  1. A new post about Music and Cycling is almost done
  2. I am going to ride the Devon Coast to Coast route during Easter
  3. Day 14 post of my Caminho de Santiago Pilgrimage by bike.

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EyeCycled Bike Vlog: The one that almost didn't happen

It’s Thursday and as usual time for another Bike Vlog. This one almost didn’t happen though, as I am a bit sick and considered staying home today. The thing is… it was such a nice day to stay home, I couldn’t resist. In this one I am riding my recumbent bike.

In today’s Bike Vlog…

  • London Bike Show
  • The future post about the 14th day of my Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage.
  • The future post about Bone Conducting Headphones.

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EyeCycled Bike Vlog: Question about the Camino de Santiago and London Bike Show

It’s Thursday and time for another Bike Vlog.
I must confess, when I set out to start Vlogging I was not confident I’d be able to maintain a weekly routine, but so far, so good.

In this Vlog I…

  1. Answer the question that Roberto Moro asked through the contact form in the site
  2. Talk about the London Bike Show this coming Saturday (I’ll be covering it for the blog and would like to know if there is anything you’d like me to focus my attention on)
  3. The future post about the 13th of my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage by bike.

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The Rise of the Superstar Vloggers

Another Vlog today, a bit longer than usual as I again didn’t get to do the spinning class and decided to ride a bit more outside (as I did last week)

The link to the Rise of the Superstar Vloggers is below, but if you live outside of the UK it is likely you will not be able to watch it as the BBC is maintained by TV license payers.

Link to the show in the BBC iPlayer.

There is also a copy of it in YouTube, but I don’t know if it will be “watchable” everywhere or how long its going to be available.