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  1. Hi Lola, how nice to meet you, even if just in an online fashion.
    Viterbo is relatively close to Rome… well at least in my experience travelling by bike. As I understand you will be walking the path to Rome I expect your experience will be very different than mine as I took the roads, whereas you’ll likely walk the original path.
    My passage through Viterbo was very short. In fact I just got my credential stamped and hopped on the bike again, taking a few photos along the way as I traversed the town. Viterbo appeared to be a place worth spending more time. Vetralla is small and I didn’t find it particularly interesting, but then I just rushed through it as well and got my credential stamped in the pilgrims’ hostel, which took me a while to find. I left from Aquapendente that day and slept in Sutri which is a very interesting place. Capranica I also just got my credential stamped and rushed through the town. You have to understand by that time I was already almost a month on the road and was somewhat keen to arrive in Rome as quickly as possible. I would have loved to explored Capranica a little better. I rode 98 Km that day.
    From what I recall, the path is relatively flat from Viterbo onwards. There is a big hill on Sutri as you arrive in the Village but a short one. I left Sutri the next day and headed straight to Rome in the company of another cycling pilgrim whom I had met on the road days before. On the last day we pretty much followed rural pathways which I suspect will be the walking pilgrims path as well, hence we covered 71 Km that day. There is a steep climb as you arrive in Campagnano, but the rest is OKish. We skipped La Storta as it was a more difficult path to ride, but I hear the views of Rome from there are magnificent.
    It will take me some time to finish all the posts I plan to publish about my experiences on the Via Francigena and these were the last 2 days, I’m afraid, but if there is anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Boun Camino!

  2. Hi! Thank you for sharing your Francigena experience, of which I read only one report, sent to me by my daughter. I am a senior hiker who wishes to walk from Viterbo to Rome, after having spent a week in Viterbo and because I’m flying out of Rome back to California. My daughter tells me the route will probably not be worth the walk, just industrial or highway, etc. I’m going to try it, nevertheless.
    I was hoping to spend one full day after arrival in whatever town I arrive each evening.
    1) Is the route marked well? (9) to Vetralla from Viterbo, (10.5) Capranica, (11) Monterosi, (8) Campagnano, (15 & 593 meters’ascent; 713 m descent) La Storta, (12) Roma
    2) Is it relatively safe?
    3) Would there be many people in May?
    That’s all for now.
    Thank you for any suggestion/reply.

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