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This is just an index page to all blog posts I’ve publish about the Pilgrims’ Way pilgrimage in 2020, as well as to the YouTube playlist and available merchandise. All links open in a new tab.

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If you are only interested to watch the videos, this is the Pilgrims’ Way Playlist in the EyeCycled YouTube Channel. The playlist consists of 16 videos which will premiere one a week starting from the 13th of May and finish on the 19th of August 2021.

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Pilgrims’ Way Merchandise

To celebrate these publications I created several collections of Pilgrims’ Way designs in that includes t-shirts, mugs and other accessories. Links will open in new tab. will handle the sale, support and customer service. I only get a commission on anything sold.

Click here to access the EyeCycled Pilgrims’ Way Store. 

The Pilgrims’ Way Scallop Collection:

Available items are: “Eco” and Classic Unisex T-Shirts, Women’s Classic and Comfort fit T-Shirts, Classic and Organic Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Classic Pullover Hoodies, Mugs, Stainless Water Bottles, Organic Tote Bags, Cloth Face Masks and others. Various colours available.

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The Pilgrims’ Way Passport Collection:

Available Items are: “Eco” and Classic Unisex T-Shirts, Children’s T-Shirts, Long-Sleeve T-Shirts, Classic and Pullover Hoodies for adults and Children, Organic Tote Bags and many others. Various colours available.

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The Pilgrims’ Way last Stamps Collection:

Available items are: Mugs, iPhone and Samsung Phone Cases, Water Bottles and Stainless Steal Tumbler cup.

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Thank You!

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Blog Posts published BEFORE I started

  1. 25 Aug 2020: The Pilgrims’ Way (outlining the plans)

Blog Posts published AFTER the pilgrimage

  1. MAY 13, 2021: Introduction to the Pilgrims’ Way
  2. JUN 03, 2021: Journey from Winschester Cathedral to the Bishop’s Table Hotel in Farnham (with Katy). This covers the first 3 stages of the Pilgrims’ Way.
  3. JUN 24, 2021: Journey from Farnham to the Days Inn Hotel near Westerham, covering stages 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the Pilgrims’ Way.
  4. AUG 14, 2021: Journey from the Days Inn Hotel near Westerham to the Harrow Inn Hotel near Lenham, covering stages 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the Pilgrims’ Way.
  5. AUG 19, 2021: Journey from the Harrow Inn Hotel near Lenham to the cathedral in Canterbury, covering stages 13, 14 and 15 of the Pilgrims’ Way.

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Online Resources

If you are planning to do this pilgrimage yourself, the links below point to other online resources that may aid in your preparation.

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Public EyeCycled Facebook group of the Pilgrims' Way pilgrimage: I created this group on Facebook because I couldn't find any other English language groups on the subject.  You are welcome to join us, share your experience and ask any questions you might have about this pilgrimage.

British Pilgrimage TrustPilgrims' Way page of the British Pilgrimage Trust: Great resource to learn about the Pilgrim's Way.

Wikipedia page for the Pilgrims' Way: Greate summary page about history and route of the Pilgrims' Way.

The Walking Englishman Page: This is the page I downloaded the GPX fle from. It contains great useful info about the Pilgrims' Way.

Walking the Pilgrims' Way Guidebook
Walking the Pilgrims Way Guidebook, Leigh Hatts
The Walking the Pilgrims' Way Guidebook page by Leight Hatts, from Ciceron Press

Pilgrims' Way Band - Stand & Deliver albumThe Pilgrim's Way band page in Bandcamp: If you liked any of the songs used in my Pilgrims' Way videos, you can purchase them from here.

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