Yes… this page is entirely dedicated to asking you to part with your hard earned money. Hope you’re not disappointed by this, but fact is, keeping EyeCycled alive costs a substantial amount of money, including a humongous amount of my time. More details of the cost can be found below. There are 3 ways you can donate or help me maintain the site running.

If you want to make a one time donation, it would be most cost effective to just transfer the amount to my bank account. While PayPal is also an option, it does add charges to your donation, so if you choose to donate via PayPal the amount you are willing to give is not the amount I will receive. A direct bank transfer has generally no cost to you or me.

To donate by bank transfer, please instruct your bank to transfer the desire amount to the following:

Account holder name…: P H SETH
Account Number ………..: 83133454
Sort Code………………….. …: 09-01-28 (Santander)

If you are not in the UK you will also need the account’s IBAN number, which is GB09ABBY09012883133454 and perhaps Santander’s Bank Identifier Code (BIC), which is ABBYGB2L (international transfers may incur high fees though).

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To donate via PayPal, simply click on the “Donate” button below and choose the amount you want to give. There is also the option to make a recurrent monthly donation through PayPal. If you chose to do that you’ll be consider a Patron and will earn the same benefits that Patreon’s Patrons receive. Please let me know if this is the case.

Another option to help me maintain EyeCycled running is becoming a Patron, through an online platform called Patreon. Simply click on the button bellow and follow the instructions on Patreon’s site.

Become a Patron!

Patronage is nothing new… it has been around for ages. In fact it was from Patrons that most of today’s best known artists of the past earned a living. Examples are Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare, Mozart and Beethoven who might not have been able to create their master pieces, if it wasn’t for the financial support they received from their Patrons. I don’t want to belittle my work, but I know I am by far NOT in the same league as the above, of course. Like them, however,  I must make a living and want to invest to constantly improve the art I’ve chosen.

Cost of EyeCycled

The maintenance cost is mostly due to hosting and domain reservation, which is of about US$ 300.00 per year, but in addition to that I could include investments made in equipment that I only (or mostly) use for content creation, such as the cameras (GoPro and others), the Gimbal and so on. For the cycle-touring part there is the cost of actually doing the journey, and in most cases I make them public in an introduction post, such as this one for the Via Francigena pilgrimage and this one for the Faith’s Way pilgrimage. I would love to enhance the videos with a professional grade drone, but for now this is out of my reach, so perhaps you can help me achieve this.

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