EyeCycled.com is a proud supporter of cycling as form of transportation, either as a daily commute or as an alternative form of tourism / exploration (cycle-touring). A cyclist is not only one less car on the roads, but also a person who has a better chance to live a healthier life and for longer.

So far EyeCycled has been the sole work of one person, but it was originally created to be a community blog, so if you are interested in writing to EyeCycled and sharing your cycling experiences, please get in touch.

I cycled thousands of kilometers on my bikes and I am nothing special, other than the special any human being is. My most notable cycling experiences are the Camino de Santiago by bike in 2015 (~1,000 Km) and the Via Francigena to Rome in 2016 (~2,000 Km). I am also currently writing about the Brazilian “Caminho da Fé” (or Faith’s Way) in 2017 (~600 Km), but there have been many shorter rides or cycling micro-adventures over the years.
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