Range Extender Battery - Fiido C21 e-Gravel Bike

Hello everyone,

I published a video about my experiences with the “Range Extender” (or additional external battery) with my Fiido C21 e-Bike. This is obviously only applicable to people who either own a compatible bike from the Fiido range or who plan to own one.

The video is below and I have also added some pictures I took while installing the new battery controller that comes with the battery (a bit fiddly to be honest).

As I recommended in the video, if you are planning to get one, it would be good to watch the battery installation guide first.

You may see from the pictures below that the space, in the bottom of the frame,  where the new controller should be inserted is very tight. I had to apply some force to all the cables to make it all fit inside again. I hope that over time this will not become an issue.

Also, something else they didn’t show in the installation video was that, in my case, the yellow connectors / sockets where the new controller should be plugged were glued together, so I had to very carefully cut them lose with a knife.

Hope the video is useful to someone.

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