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This is  a short index page with links to all posts I’ve written about my “Via Francigena” pilgrimage by bike from Canterbury in the UK to Rome in Italy. The Pilgrimage starts on the 30th of July and ends on the 10th of September 2016.

For now, I categorized the posts into “Pre“, “During” and “Post” pilgrimage. I may change this page or this classification upon my return on  September 2016.

I’ve also included a section for other online resources at the bottom of this page.

This is very basic right now. Later I’m going to add the video playlist and make it look a bit nicer. All links will open in a new tab / window.

Pre-Via Francigena Posts

  1. 14 Apr 2016: Confirmation Post… Got my holidays approved.
  2. 11 May 2016: Via Francigena Bike Vlog
  3. 8 June 2016: Canterbury to Dover bike ride on the National Cycle route 16 (part of prep).
  4. 19 July 2014: Via Francigena Charity Bike ride in aid of Mind UK
  5. 26 July 2016: Via Francigena Prep and “Post by email test”

If you just want to watch the videos I recorded before going on pilgrimage, this is the YouTube Playlist:

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Posts written during the pilgrimage

  1. 29 Jul 2016: Day zero. Start of my Via Francigena Pilgrimage
  2. 30 Jul 2016: Day 1, from Canterbury to Alembon
  3. 31 Aug 2016: Day 2 from Alembon to Bruay-la-Bussiere
  4. 01 Aug 2016: Day 3, from Bruay-la-Bussiere to Peronne
  5. 02 and 03 Aug 2016: Days 4 & 5, from Peronne to Tergnier and Reims.
  6. 04 and 05 Aug 2016: From Reims to Chalons-en-Chateau and Brienne-le-Chateau
  7. Acts of Kindness on the Via Francigena
  8. EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition / Prize Giveaway.
  9. EyeCycled the Via Francigena Competition – Preliminary Result
  10. 06 and 07 Aug 2016: From Brienne-le-Chateau to Arc-en-Barrois and Langres.
  11. 08 and 09 Aug 2016: From Langres to Gy and Besançon
  12. 10 and 11 Aug 2016: From Besançon to Pontarlier (FR) and Vevey (CH)

If you just want to watch the videos I recorded during  the pilgrimage, this is the YouTube Playlist:

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Post-Via Francigena Posts
(Post posts? Funny, huh?)

  1. 29th Sept 2016: Via Francigena, 1000 Km, Emotions.
  2. 20th Apr 2017, Introduction: Finally the 1st of many (hopefully) Blog Posts 🙂
  3. 27th Apr 2017, Day 1 of 29: From Canterbury (UK) to Alembon (France)
  4. 04th May 2017, Day 2 of 29: From Alembon to Bruay-la-Buissière (France)
  5. 11th May 2017, Day 3 of 29: From Bruay-la-Buissière to Péronne
  6. 20th July 2017, Day 4 of 29: From Péronne to Tergnier (and further to the Auberge de Villaquier)
  7. 8th November 2017, Day 5 of 29: From Tergnier (Auberge de Villequier) to Reims
  8. 9th Mar 2018, Day 6 of 29: From Reims to Châlons-en-Champagne
  9. 9th Aug 2018, Day 7 of 29: From Châlons-en-Champagne to Brienne-le-Château.
  10. 11th June 2019, Day 8: From Brienne-le-Château to Arc-en-Barrois.
  11. 26th June 2020, Day 9: From Arc-en-Barrois to Langres.
  12. ???

If you just want to watch the videos I created after I returned from the pilgrimage, this is the YouTube Playlist:

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Other online resources…

EyeCycled Facebook page: Might be posting more to the page than to the blog during the Pilgrimage… You know, beautiful picture moments along the way.

Confraternity of Pilgrims to Rome (CPR) Page: UK Registered Charity founded and mantained by Francigena Pilgrims. Great resource for Via Francigena Information.

Official (?) Via Francigena Page: Good info here…

Wikipedia page about the Via Francigena: Love Wikipedia…

Visit Canterbury Site about Via Francigena:

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