Camino, day 3, Puente de Reina to Viana

Did about 62 Km today. The intention was to ride all the way to Logrono, but as we stopped in Viana just to look around (around 5pm) we decided to stay for the night.
We did a little stop at Irache where they have the famous wine fountain and I decided to part ways with my riding partner for a while and the the walkers route to Los Arcos, while my partner took the road. Needless to say he got there mucb earlier and what I got was my own experience to tell you there are parts of the camino there are definitely not suitable for biking, at least not for a loaded bike. There were moments I had literatelly lift my entire bike with all its load off the ground.
After a quick stop in Los Arcos for food we continued in the direction to Logrono stoping at Viana for the night.
Viana is such a great little town, high up in the hill. Albergue for the night was €8 and the pilgrims menu also €8 and food was great.
Please take a look at the EyeCycled Facebook page for some pictures.

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